Ooh La La!

Who doesn’t love cruising through sex toy websites and making the ultimate wishlist? Well, what if that wishlist were fulfilled?

This is your chance, courtesy of Ooh Lala! Entering is a snap; check it out.

And on to my wishlist!

1. Dichroic Spiral Curved Shaft Glass Dildo, £145. I’ve been dying to buy into the latest Big Thing to happen to sex toys! I’ve been putting glass in my stretched ears for a while; it’s time my cunt got the same VIP treatment.

2. iKit personal vibrator package, £38. I’m all about finding fun ways to get myself off, and I’m drawn to all the attachments this kit comes with!

3. Penthouse Ultra Powerful Gyrating Massager, £57. (In black, preferably.) I saw this in a sex toy shop a while ago and my inner femme was drawn to the, “Ooooh, SHINY!”

4. The Hitachi Magic Wand, £68. Because I’m starting to wonder if I shouldn’t have this in my collection JUST BECAUSE. Even if it’s too strong for me, I hear it’s a great tool for using on others…!

5. Remote Control Egg Vibrator, £25. I’ve been lusting for a wireless remove control vibrator FOREVER. It’s about time I had one!

6. LELO Lily, £63. (In black.) Because, uhhh… it’s LELO, hello!!! The ultimate in luxury sex toys; and so beyond my budget otherwise.

7. LELO Gigi, £63. Again: it’s LELO! And plus, I love intense G-spot stimulation, so I think this would be a REALLY enjoyable toy.

8. Bondage tape, £10. I love the idea of bondage tape sticking to itself but not the wearer. It sounds like a fun, quick and disposable way to play!

9. I Rub My Pirate Duckie, £21. I’m all for the waterproof toys, and this little guy is so cute!

10. WET Sweet Cherry lube, £9. I’ve always been dubious about flavored lubes since a catastrophic run-in with mint flavored lube, but I love WET lube so I’d like to give this a try.

My grand total: £499! Whew, cutting it close to the mark there.

So hey, if you want your chance to win up to £500 worth of free toys, here’s your opportunity! Get crackalackin’!


One response to “Ooh La La!

  • JohnstonCoArts

    I've had a glass dildo on my list for quite a while now. I almost bought one a couple of weeks ago; it was a good price too…(now I'm thinking I REALLY should have bought it!)

    I'm with you on the Hitachi Magic Wand. I've heard so many good things about it, both online reviews at http://www.muah.com and from girlfriends, maybe its time to add it to my collection.

    You'll be pleased with the bondage tape.

    The little "Gimp" Duckie I have is cute, but sucks as a vibrator…

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