A Friday Night to Remember

So this past Friday night M and I met up with our new friends K and E for some hanging out and playtime. Needless to say, it was a very enjoyable and memorable experience.

When M and I got to their house, funnily enough they were watching Shrek 3. I really enjoy the Shrek movies, so we sat down and watched the rest of it with them. At that point K was practically itching to go play, so once the movie was over we trooped out to the outbuilding in their backyard that they’ve converted into a small playroom.

The original, if vague plan was to have both K and I bottom while M and E would top, but it started out with E and I actively topping and M watching/lending a hand in the tying, and I was really feeling my toppiness so it stayed that way pretty much the whole night.

We started out tying K up in various positions, teasing her with a crop and a vibrating massager. It progressed to us tying her up kneeling over the frame of an end table and bringing her to orgasm with the massager and by fucking her with a vibrating dildo. Needless to say, I was massively turned on by her pleasure noises. Every girl’s noises are different but they are all so fascinating, and a huge, huge turn-on for me.

Like I said, I was really enjoying being toppy. At the end of the night K was tied on her back, wrists above her head and her ankles attached to a spreader bar. E was teasing her clit and I was using the crop on her pretty much everywhere, which was great. I also teased her nipples with my Pocket Rocket and played with some mini-clothespins.

Apart from the whole “gorgeous girl tied up and I have permission to torment her” level of enjoyment, I was really getting a kick out of being toppy. See, as M transitions, he has become much, much less bottomy, which I really don’t mind, but apparently I miss being toppy, because I had a lot of fun topping K that night. Even that small degree of power was… exhilarating. I definitely look forward to a repeat performance.

Although, from what I hear next time will be my turn on the bottom. Heh heh. Should be a good time in any case!


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