Microfantasy Monday – Suction

Many thanks to Ang for providing us the inspiration for our weekly dose of smut!

“Mmmm… I love your lips,” he murmurs as the tip of his thumb traces over them. I close my eyes and revel in the sensation of his rough, callused skin tracing the ridges and curves of my lips. They part slightly as I let out a long, slow breath – one I didn’t realize I had been holding.

Cautiously, tentatively my tongue extends and flicks at his skin and I taste the salty warmth there. He smiles, enjoying my experimentation. His smile emboldens me, so I further part my lips and raise my head just enough to take his thumb into my mouth, cupping my tongue around the pad of the digit as my teeth softly scrape over the nail, sucking softly as I might a cock I intended to tease into rigidity.

His smile grows even as his eyes grow heavy-lidded, and I know I have pleased him. One day, he will know how this feels on his cock; this I promise myself.


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