The Further Progression of M

So, things are always interesting in the world of transsexualism. There have definitely been new developments since last time I updated about M. For example, did I mention he chose his new name? Emmett. Apparently it means “strong.” That certainly fits.

He got this interesting little gadget that fits onto the top of a doorframe, for working out. You can do pull-ups on it, or put it on the floor and use it for dips, pushups, or fit it into the doorway to use as leverage for situps. He’s been using it a lot, trying to lose that girly softness and build manly muscle. *grin* Can’t say as I’m objecting.

The wardrobe, which has always been tomboyish, is slowly getting more and more masculine. He bought polos the other day. I’ve never been a huge fan of polos before, but wow. He rocks the polos. Especially with a fauxhawk and black Chucks. Funny how easily he combines styles, like wearing a rather preppy polo and punking it up that way.

In less trivial matters (although I guess, really, nothing concerning transsexualism, be it clothes or exercise or anything, is trivial), M came out to his little sister last night. They were just talking about transsexualism and the similarities and differences between transsexualism and other alternative lifestyles – is that really a fitting term? – and his sister came right out and asked. She took it really well, said she was proud of M and would keep it quiet until M is ready to tell the rest of the family. I think M was happy to see that his sister took it so well; it gives him hope that the coming out will go more or less smoothly with the rest of the family.

M has been talking more and more about getting a breast reduction in preparation for total top surgery. He has been reading that in order to get clearance for the more involved surgeries, the doctors involved in the psychiatric aspect like to see that the person can pass as a man for a certain period of time. M, well… has breasts. Very visible breasts that prevent him from truly passing as a man. We’ve been talking about him going to the doctor to discuss breast-related back pain as an opening into breast reduction surgery, but I know he’s worried about finances. Sucks when you can’t be who you need to be because of money.

But, all in all, besides that obstacle, things are going well.

Oh, and may I just say that he looks HOT in boxer briefs?


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