A Dinner of Many

Here’s an intriguing thought: I went out with seven (well, seven and a half, but this story focuses on the adults attending) other people last night. So eight of us total. Me of course, M, J, my mother and her man, my Fairy KinkMother Q, her husband C and their girlfriend D. (The “half” was Q and C’s little girl fondly known as Boo.)

The kicker? Every last adult at that table was in a poly relationship of some sort. There’s M, J and I; there’s Q, C and D, and then my mom and her man – he actually has a primary who just prefers to stay home instead of going out.

I relayed this observation to the table in general and yeah, they all got a kick out of it too. It’s really just funny how things end up like that. For Q, C and D it just kind of happened, and same for my mom who just happened to fall for a man who has a primary. (Although, for the record, my mom has been involved in poly relationships in the past.) For M, J and I, I guess you could say it was a little more deliberate, as M and I pursued J with intentions of bringing him into our relationship on a sexual level, but the progression of that involvement into something more intimate was certainly not deliberate.

Not surprisingly, it was a good dinner. Funny how that works, when we all understand and relate to each other.

The sushi was awesome too.


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