A Flogger in Hand Beats… Well, Just About Anyone Really!

Crossposted from Kinky Sex Link.

You know how they say a woman can put on that right pair of heels, or that right shade of lipstick and suddenly it’s like a light going on inside her – she’s really just herself with the aide of that one special item? Her walk turns into a sashay, her smile is that much more confident, her eyes that much sparklier. That is how I feel with a flogger in my hand.

My 72-tail suede flogger was one of my first BDSM implements that I didn’t just find lying around my house waiting to be perverted. It’s heavy and thuddy, but with the right flick of the wrist can turn into a stingy little bugger too. When I hold that flogger I almost feel more like it is a natural extension of my body more so than a tool I hold – much like I imagine a horseback rider feels like s/he is an extension of the horse rather than a separate entity. And more than an extension, it is a transformer.

Nothing makes me feel toppier than the weight of the handle in my hand, the braided leather pressing into my palm, my other fingers curled around the soft suede of the tails. I feel my spine straighten, my stance widen, and my gaze takes on a predatory feel as I search for that perfect spot to strike. My grin becomes especially wicked, almost wolfish, as I take in the half-wary anticipation of my bottom.

Holding and using that flogger – or any nice flogger, really – seems to open the doors of my creative side, as well. Seemingly innocuous items around the house suddenly become implements of pain, or sensory play. Everything has potential and with the change in attitude that flogger brings, suddenly I see it.

I also think that perhaps in order to re-enliven the sadomasochist within myself, perhaps I should work on visualizing that flogger in my hand even when it is not there. There is something to be said for the confidence and creativity of a top. It is an attitude I feel could be rewarding in every aspect of life.


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