The Best Kind of Surprise

On a slightly different note than my last post…

You know the kind of sex I love the most? The type you don’t quite see coming. Surprise sex has to be among the hottest types of sex out there. Easily one of the more pleasant surprises around as well!

Usually I’m a huge fan of anticipation. Hell, I still love the feeling of anticipating sex. Getting myself and my partner worked up, teasing mercilessly – both my partner and myself – making both of us yearn with mind and body. But I am the kind that loves to tease ruthlessly, then fall asleep… and wake up being fucked. Or wake up with my mouth precariously close to a nipple and take some serious advantage of it.

Ohhhh, there is nothing hotter than surprise wakeup sex. It just sets the tone for the whole day. There is no sweeter “good morning” than a gasping, moaning, screaming, two-fistfuls-of-bedsheets orgasm. There’s just something about the lack of inhibitions in that not-quite-awake dream state, particularly if I am waking up out of a really hot dream. Gone are the qualms, the practicalities of the conscious part of the mind that cloud my sexuality and make me a colder, harder person. It’s purely instinctual, even animalistic. Mating. Rutting. Fucking. It’s a beautiful thing.

Even better when I can go back to sleep with my partner and start the whole process over again…


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