Happy New Year everyone! New year, new resolution to keep this blog up, much unlike how I had been slacking off in 2008. That is NOT the way to create a successful blog, yes?

My kink life has not been horribly active as of late. Munches, yes; hanging out with kinky people in non-kinky situations, yes; working on Queer Eye Candy, yes; doing much to participate in the BDSM world realtime, not so much. Funnily, I am still feeling fulfilled. Maybe because it’s not a complete drought – maybe because it’s just another aspect of my kink life. I seem to go through certain aspects during any given time period instead of dabbling in all at once. Too much of everything and I feel overwhelmed.

M and I are engaged in a quest to corrupt and win over a certain grown son of one of our older (not old, but old enough to have a son our age) friends. It has been anything but boring, let me just say! I feel reassured every day, though, that M is open to having a, well, somewhat open relationship. Neither of us would go off on our own to have side relationships, but together it’s most definitely okay to bring another into our relationship, if not for an addition to the relationship but at least for friendship and, of course, sex. :D

In any case, expect to see more out of this blog. It’s good for the mind to get its thoughts out.


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