Another notch on the bedpost

Well, another play party under my belt, and this one was goooooood. A lot of great scenes, a lot of things I hadn’t seen before – CBT, violet wand play, plastic wrap bondage – and I even did a little topping myself. I got to flog the bottom girl I’d been wanting to flog, although I didn’t get to hit as hard as I wanted because it was her time of the month, so she was a little sensitive, and so some sensation play with a bristle brush. It was really fun to get her all worked up with the bristles then paddle her on the ass with the flat side.

I also got to do some needles on the woman who did needles on me the last time. Now that was fun. I didn’t do too many or do very pretty designs, but I got to experience it and it was awesome. I could easily do that again. It was fun to watch her sink into the happy piercing place.

It also helped because I was massively comfortable at this party. Physically, I mean. No too-long corset digging into my underarms. I had on some sexy dance pants and a really cute fringed flapper-type top I got at Torrid. All soooo comfy. But I got a lot of compliments, especially on the pants! Melos get compliments wherever they go, that’s for sure.

I am sore today though. Funnily enough, not from the party! Friday night I was at a friend’s house playing Wii bowling and tennis until the wee hours of the morning. For the first time ever. My arm is definitely not in good Wii-shape! Oh well. Nothing naproxen and rest can’t cure.

Speaking of arms being in shape, I was pretty impressed with myself the other night. Not only did I fuck M into several orgasms, but I did it with my left hand! I am generally such a righty, I surprised even myself. We both got good sleep that night. :D

Also, I really really need a harness. I wanted to fuck her while wearing the cock so bad that night. It was ridiculous. Harness: definitely high up on the kinky wish list.

Guess it’s a good thing Christmas is nearing! ;)


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