The Hottie

Soooo, the Hottie! This would be the prize picked out by M and I after winning Shay’s S Spot contest, generously hosted by EdenFantasys. Our only limitation was that the prize had to be less than $60, and this bad boy fit the bill. Of course, that’s not the only reason we chose it. We chose the Hottie because I wanted something that vibrated (I was absolutely certain I would not get off on being fucked by a regular ol’ cock-shaped lump of plastic – more on THAT later) and because I wanted something a little more realistically shaped than the rather cheap vibrator I’d subsisted on for some time. M, having no experience picking out sex toys of her own, just went along and contributed things she thought she wouldn’t like. The Hottie contained none of these things.

A little about the Hottie! It is phthalate-free silicone, hypoallergenic and latex-free, rating a 10 out of 10 on EdenFantasy’s material safety chart. It is also harness compatible, although unfortunately I don’t have a harness so I couldn’t test that theory. It comes with a removable bullet vibe which fits snugly into a hollow in the base of the cock.

So, I relayed our choice to Shay who then passed it on to EdenFantasys and in about a week, just as promised, a little box arrived at the end of our breezeway. I’m pretty sure I actually squeed out loud from sheer delight.

Upon unveiling the Hottie, I was rather pleasantly surprised. He was not as long as he appears in the photo, but thickness was a pleasing hefty average – maybe not enough for you hardcore girth lovers but certainly enough for my tastes – and the color… ohhh my, let me just say, the Hottie is beautiful. In the picture the Hottie looks like a vaguely pearlescent blue, but in reality, he is swirled with various subtle shades of shimmery blue. The head is separated from the shaft by a nice ridge, and there’s even a hint of a vein running down the underside of the shaft.

I automatically fitted the bullet into the hollow base – nice and easy there, no troubles – and pushed the button that controls the speed. The vibe IS only one speed, but it’s a nice moderate speed, easily felt all throughout the cock. And, major plus, this thing is battery-equipped! No junk drawer hunting necessary! I touched the head of the cock to my clit through my pants, and a pleasant shiver went down my spine. The vibe strength of the Hottie will be nothing for the Hitachi-faithful out there, but for those who prefer a less extreme vibe, this is awesome. It’s not weak by any stretch of the imagination. Really quite perfect.

M and I gave it a test run that night. She lubed me up – water based on a silicone cock, remember! – and began gently easing the Hottie into my cunt. To my surprise, it was actually a little uncomfortable at first! I didn’t think I’d have any issues taking this silicock because I am no virgin and my last man was quite well equipped – as big as if not bigger than the hottie – but apparently I had downsized a bit since my last foray into hetero sex. Once the Hottie was well seated, however… ohhhh yesssss. Like I said before, for you major size lovers the Hottie may disappoint, but for those of you who like slightly-above-average length and girth, the Hottie is heavenly! The middle of the shaft and the head are nice and firm, as well. Really quite like an erect, flesh-and-blood cock: mostly rigid, but still somewhat pliable. There is a slight upward curve to the cock that allows the head to nestle right against the G-spot, which was absolutely scream-worthy once the thrusting began.

And actually, to backtrack a little, I should say that the Hottie also produced a very nice clit orgasm as well. It took a little longer I think because the broader head of the Hottie was not able to focus as intently on my clit as, say, my more slender, tapered “cheap” vibe, but the orgasm was just as intense and enjoyable. And at least for me, the broader head could be considered a plus because the Hottie was not able to be TOO intense on my extremely sensitive clit.

Ah, but yes, the downsides. There are a few. For one, the bullet vibe is harder than hell to get out of the damn thing. M managed it herself, but the next night after I fucked her, I actually had to get her to help me take the vibe out because it nestles so tightly into its little nook. Also, because the base is hollow, it was a little hard to get a nice tight grip on the cock for hard, fast thrusting – it kept collapsing in my hand and making me lose that strong grip I needed. However, the flared base does help compensate for that. I also should mention that the Hottie isn’t silent. I don’t require a silent toy, but for those of you who do, the Hottie isn’t it. It IS really pretty quiet, though. Able to be heard through covers, maybe, but not through a closed door. Soft music would easily muffle any sound you didn’t wish to be heard.

Oh, and that whole “can’t get of without a vibration” thing? Ha, I was called on my bullshit big time! At one point M turned off the vibe and just fucked me with the “plain ol’ lump of plastic.” It was just as good as being fucked with the vibrating cock. Just as good. I am totally sold on quality dildos now. They sure as hell don’t all need to vibrate, which is great because it opens me up to a whole new world of choices!

To put it frankly, I was fucked senseless with this thing. It was absolutely unreal. I remember saying to M afterward, “If I can’t have real cock, this is the next best thing.” And I still believe that. I really don’t think you would be able to attain better quality for the very reasonable price.

So, a summary!

The pros:

Phthalate- and latex-free, hypoallergenic, sterilizable
Harness compatible
A nice blend of “pretty” and “realistic”
Battery included for the vibe
Overall size slightly above average, a great “middle of the road” cock
Not too soft or hard throughout most of the shaft
Nice moderately strong vibe

The cons:

Hollow base makes it dificult to get a strong grip for hard, fast fucking
Difficult to remove the bullet vibe for cleaning
Not a completely silent toy

Overall, easily 4 out of 5 stars. The Hottie is HOT.


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