Present and accounted for

No, no, I swear this blog is NOT dead!

What is dead, however, is my computer, so I’ve been surviving on the bare Internet essentials using M’s computer, which of course makes a snail look like Mach 5. It’s ridiculous.

I am still vastly enjoying the Hottie although regrettably I have not gotten – or perhaps taken is the better word – the chance to have some “me time” with it. ;-) A review is forthcoming, however. I’ve been thinking more and more about it. In fact, I may work on it after I write this catch-up post.

Our first play party is November 1st! I’m insanely excited and already making a list of things I don’t want to forget to bring. Its imminence has also brought into sharp relief how few pairs of sexy underwear I own, and in general sexy clothing. I have a black corset which I fully intend on wearing, but… that’s about it. No skirts (that fit me anymore, ha), and only a couple pairs of pants I feel truly SEXY in. Time to go shopping! As if I need an excuse.

I’ve been thinking about just bringing the majority of my blog over here, since so much of my life seems to be characterized by sexuality, gender, kink, and all of the wonderful things that are addressed in this blog. I hardly post on my ‘nilla blog anyway, except for silly memes and whatnot. We’ll see. One thing’s for certain, you’ll probably be seeing more day-to-day type stuff on here. I love writing the big epiphany posts and recounting sexual adventures, but that’s not all there is to life – not even all there is to a kinky life. I want to share the whole experience. Sorry if that bores you. ;-)

I need to get to thinking about a Halloween-themed HNT. Too bad I don’t still have my cute cobweb-patterned witch’s hat. Heheheh.


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