Slinking back in

Wow, I’ve been pretty AWOL, haven’t I? Terribly sorry. Feel free to spank me. ;-)

No, in all honesty, not much has been happening that would prompt me to post up until a couple days ago. A couple days ago, M’s prize from Shay’s S Spot contest, the Hottie from Eden Fantasys arrived.

Oohhhh my! I haven’t masturbated with the toy yet so I’m holding off on an official, thorough review, but being fucked with it gets at least four out of five stars. I absolutely adore it.

And yes, being fucked with it. Thaaaat was a very good night. Not only did I get fucked with a toy that is probably one of the best alternatives to real cock (for those who go for real cock), but M got a little toppy. And I. Loved. It.

It’s interesting for me to think back on when I said I didn’t think M topping me would work since our relationship wasn’t very switchy and she didn’t think she was very switchy. Both of those statements have proved to be very, very false! M can most definitely be switchy as evidenced by how toppy she got with me the night we played with the Hottie: pinning me down, verbally topping, even a bit of forced orgasm play. I was absolutely digging it, so apparently I can be topped by her!

Also interestingly, this switching up seems to have relieved a bit of tension in our relationship, and I think I understand why. Before, our relationship was pretty strictly Dom/sub. I was the Dominant, she was the submissive, and things got shaken up whenever she didn’t act submissive. Sometimes she could be put back into subspace; sometimes she couldn’t, and that led to pretty nasty arguments when it happened. But now things seem to click more easily in our relationship. Outside the bedroom we almost have a fairly vanilla seeming relationship, with equal levels of power exchange. Of course, both of us know that’s entirely not true. :-D

I certainly don’t get pissed off anymore if she acts a little toppy, which had definitely smoothed out our dynamic.

Oh, and I have also discovered something else about myself – in particular, my bottomy side – that doesn’t come as a surprise at all: I am one very smart-ass bottom. I don’t say smart-ass masochist (SAM) because I’m not a very hardcore masochist; I don’t say smart-ass sub because to me that implies some level of permanence in the position. But I am most definitely a smartass bottom. I am the perfect bottom for a Top who enjoys challenge and enjoys cooking up creative ways to shut up a bottom who won’t stop making snarky, sarcastic remarks and taunting the Top. I am the perfect bottom for a Top who enjoys struggle – a bit of a fight.

Luckily for me in my relationship with M, she is that kind of Top. It sure keeps things fun in the bedroom – even outside the bedroom to a certain extent, since we’re both pretty snarky and smartass.

This lightening of the mood overall is really quite enjoyable. The episodes of serious power struggle are pretty much over. We joke about it more often now, and play around with power struggle/exchange.

Anyhoo, stay tuned because if I don’t get too busy, a very nice HNT should be coming up this week, and probably following next weekend a full review of the Hottie should be out!


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