Munchify me cap’n

Soooo! My first munch was last night. Actually… my first “scene” event ever.

Wow. WOW. FUN. Seriously, if play parties are even more fun than that, I dunno how I’m going to handle it (except by jumping in with both feet, naturally). It felt SO GOOD to get out of the house, meet new people, and interact with them. I finally got to meet a girl I’d been talking to on FetLife for some time, and I got my first real look at people who are just as fucked up (in a GOOD way, thank you) as I am! They really do exist! Not that I doubted it. Still, the affirmation is nice.

And the people! They were awesome! Everyone was polite, most were hilarious, and a good chunk of them I’d actually kinda like to play with either by topping, bottoming to, or partnering in a role over or under someone else.

I am definitely looking forward to further events, including my first play party. Should be a damn good time.


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