Makin’ me a munch!

Urgh. I keep meaning to take a photo and post it for Half-Nekkid Thursday, but I keep forgetting! One of these days I will get around to it. I do have that as-yet-never-worn corset to show off, after all.

Nothing too sexy happening at home lately, minus the ever present teasing. I swear M’s nipples get their own version of “morning wood,” at which point they’re irresistible. Meow.

On an exciting note, I’m helping form one of the first local munches around here! I’m really, really jazzed about this. There is a munch around here, but it rotates cities so isn’t always available locally. Eventually I’ll make it to that one, but in the meantime it’s absolutely thrilling to not only expect a truly truly local munch, but also help organize it!

On that note, I’m really damn hungry, so I think I’m gonna go hunt me some food.


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