Last night, I discovered the most effective way to put M smack-dab into subspace.

Make her blind.

After I wrote that blog, I went nonchalantly into our (dark) bedroom and returned to the living room with our toybox. I requested she put down her book and remove her clothing, then lay back on the futon with her head at a certain end. Heheh, it made me smile to watch her face go from confusion to comprehension to utter joy.

She did as I asked, at which point I used my lengths of satiny fabric to bind her to the corners of the futon frame. (Have I mentioned that this futon is endlessly useful for my bondage purposes?) I had brought the flogger out from the bedroom as well, but I noticed my long wooden back scratcher lying on the end table, so I picked that up and teased her with it. The flat side (the back of the “hand”) was really quite nice for smacking, whereas the curved side (the “fingers”) was great for trailing over her skin and teasing her nipples.

But! Apparently the back of the “hand” is quite stingy – I would imagine so, since it left little square red marks everywhere I hit, and I didn’t think I was hitting that hard – and she started anticipating the strikes, flinching before I’d even swung the thing. I found it somewhat amusing at first, but then she started flinching away from me, trying to twist her body to make inaccessible the part I was going to hit, and it started pissing me off. So I did the logical thing – I put her hole-less spandex hood on her, so she couldn’t see and anticipate the strikes!

It’s also worth noting that this was the first time we’d used the hood.

The hood went above and beyond the performance call, though. I swear, as soon as it was fitted over her nose and chin, she fell right into subspace. She didn’t flinch, even when I’d run the “fingers” lightly over her ticklish spots. I started to hit harder and she would moan and arch into the strikes.

I imagine it also helped when I tucked the vibrator into her (sensible black cotton) underwear and turned it on to a medium setting.

Since she was sightless, I decided to take the opportunity to do a little texture/sensory play. I ran the tips of the flogger over her skin before hitting her with it. I trailed a soft washcloth over her skin – and cruelly pinched and tugged her nipples with my fingers wrapped in it; she really liked that. I did the same with a lacy pair of my underwear. I grabbed my studded leather belt from the bedroom doorknob and tapped and smacked her with it, running the studs over her nipples. And, as a last minute idea, I got my knife from the bedroom and ran its tip and blunt edge over her skin. I even scraped at her nipples with the sharp edge a bit. I had fun lightly poking her with the tip – she said that itched, so I distracted her from the itchiness by flogging her. :-D

This entire time she’s getting more and more turned on by the vibrator on and around her clit – especially when I flogged the area, increasing the vibrator’s pressure on her clit.

I was having a lot of fun teasing and torturing her nipples, plagued by my sad lack of nipple clamps. I got an idea, though, which was to use some non-serrated alligator hair clips! I must say, those worked very well as a beginner nipple clamp, because they were firm but not too torturous, and I was able to play with them a lot. (Scraping the exposed nipple with the sharp edge of the knife while the rest was in a clamp seemed to produce excellent results; I liked that particular bit.)

After much of this I travelled back to the vibrator at her clit, and gave her clit some much-needed attention, pulling her underwear aside and working the vibrator around her clit. It didn’t seem like very long at all before she started whispering, barely audible, “Please… please…” At which point I asked her to please speak up, because I couldn’t hear her. She repeated, louder. I asked her, “Please what?” “Please… may I… come?” (I suppose it’s hard to speak between moans and gasps.) My response: “Mmm… what would you do if I said no?” A keening sort of whine escaped her lips. I chuckled and told her, “You may come.” I think the vibrator shifted at that point though, because she bucked away, gasping that it was too directly on her clit, to the point of pain (the non-pleasurable sort, I imagine!). Luckily not all was lost, because not long after that she began moaning and gasping again. I informed her that she had permission to come whenever she was ready. That was a lovely orgasm to watch – her hips arching, higher, tenser, and then shuddering lower, lower, until she was pressing into the futon mattress.

She wasn’t actually all that eager to have the hood removed. When I tried, she cringed, saying the light (just one, from the ceiling fan) was too bright, so I shrugged and put it back on her!

My parting observation was that her sexhead was really kind of cute. Since she chopped all her hair off, she doesn’t get bedhead in the same way I do – hers just sticks up all over the place, like she stuck her finger in a light socket. So cute.

Needless to say, we went to sleep very satisfied last night. And I was not at all disappointed to be so tired the next morning at work.


One response to “Learnings

  • Curvaceous Dee

    Sounds like the hood/blindfold was a marvellous idea indeed! I know that I really enjoy being blidfolded too – it makes me a lot more malleable.xx Dee

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