My nipples have reawakened themselves. This is a very, very pleasing development (in a very, very literal sense!).

When I first became sexually active (flashbacks to Juno: “What does that MEAN, anyway?”), my nipples were fairly sensitive, but fine to touch and play with. I enjoyed having them fondled. Then as the years wore on, I found them getting more and more sensitive, to the point where any touch at all was “YAH OW GET THE FUCK OFF” painful. Then it got so bad that just having them rub up against my bra was painful – in fact, the entire breast itself was sore and tender to the touch. I’ve since developed some ideas as to why my breasts were like that, but the good news is that that particular condition has since died down, thank deity!
Of course, the good news is that my nipples are touchable again! I always figured I’d just be one of those women who can’t have her nipples played with, which was not a very encouraging prospect.

The funny thing is… the event that seemed to “trigger” my nipples going back to normal involved them being pinched, pulled and bitten so damn hard that they were bruised for days after. That would also be the same night I came to the conclusion that M can fuck me, if the situation is approached in the right mindset.

My joy at this new development is palpable – particularly last night when my nipples were very nicely played with as a prelude to being very nicely fucked. It was almost enough to make me not miss cock at all!


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