A positive development

So, remember how I was talking about it being awkward when M fucked me? It felt too much like I was lying back and letting her take control and decide what to do to me. Well, all that changed last night!

We fucked. And when I say “we fucked, ” I mean we fucked each other. And may I just say, it felt good. Not awkward at all. I think it helped to approach the whole situation with a different attitude. Well, that and I didn’t just lie back and let her have at me – for the most part I was kneeling above her, and she was the one lying back. And I had the mindset of letting her make me feel good, while I made her feel even better.

I think it’s safe to say that in the end, we were both satisfied. Lord knows I was, after quite the dry spell on the receiving end!

I still want to rock the subspace eventually, though.


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