The Domestic Dominant

I find myself with nothing of any sexual interest to write, as I have not done much but tease the hell out of M since I tied her up. That in itself is amusing – I really do think I love teasing more than the actual act of sex – but it doesn’t exactly grease the wheels of my creativity, blogging-wise.

I do, however, have some thoughts to contribute as far as my odd nature goes. I identify as a switch, but I do not switch with M – she is my submissive, I am her Dominant, and that never changes between us (although she does like to test her limits sometimes, little brat). However, even though M is a sub, she is by NO means a service sub in the sense that she has the responsibility of taking care of all domestic tasks. She does cook more often than I do, but that’s more due to her preference (and talent) for cooking, and my indifference to it. I like to eat; I have to be in a special mood to want to prepare what I eat.

The rest of the domestic tasks, like laundry, cleaning, organizing, most yardwork, etc… well, mostly they fall to me. No, “fall” is the wrong verb. I took them on. The house and its immediate surroundings are MY domain, and I take pride in keeping them (or trying to keep them) in top shape. I am the one driven crazy when things get messy, whereas she hardly even notices unless her couch space is overridden with the junk she never throws away. I am the one who cleans up after herself (and M) and devotes days off to chores – M is happy to sit and read among the filth that has accumulated during our long days at work. I am the one who frequents FetLife groups like Service and Domestic Service and derives inspiration from them.

And yet, as I am doing these domestic tasks, I feel no submission. Generally I am content, at peace with myself, sometimes a little pissy at M because there ARE times I wish she would help out around the house more, but doing these domestic tasks in the house we share as partners makes me feel in no way less dominant to her. I just enjoy taking charge of the tasks around the house, getting them done the way I like them to be done.

Part of me wishes Maelynn had a stronger preference for taking over at least some of these tasks. Or at least that she were less of a packrat/slob. But in the end, I am truly my mother’s daughter in that I take pride in having a well-kept house. (Or at least, a house that looks well-kept when someone comes over. I wouldn’t submit anyone to what it looks like on the average busy day!)


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