A new experience

Mmmm, so last night was fun! Having taken the flogger out of my overcrowded toybox and hanging it up on the wall, then adding to the box the lengths of satin cloth I figured would make good “rope” until I got some Japanese silk rope or something, I was feeling a little kinky and ready for some action. The perfect moment came when M was lying on the futon in our living room, looking rather inviting. Being that the futon is the only somewhat comfortable furniture I could tie her to (no bedposts, sigh), the situation was opportune.

She had her eyes closed, dozing somewhat, so I crept into the bedroom and grabbed the toybox (which is just a converted toolbox – nothing fancy). I set it down on the footstool, quietly opened it and drew out the lengths of dark green satin. Before she opened her eyes and realized what was happening, I had her arms above her head and was tying her wrists together, and then tying those bound wrists to the armrest of the futon. Oh, I was loving it.

Next came the flogger, and a few testing swats on her thighs and the V of her pussy. The smile that indicates M going into her painslut subspace crept across her face, and I grinned in approval. The swats got more frequent, harder. She couldn’t decide whether she wanted to arch into them, or away. At one point she brought her knee up to shield her pussy – I had decided not to tie her ankles for this session – and I gave her an extra-hard swat on that thigh, enough to make her cringe and enough to make me grin in what I imagine was a rather evil manner. I do so love pushing her pain boundaries.

After a short while it occurred to me that I could be SO much more teasing than I was being, and I love, love to tease. So I pulled out our sleek, black vibrator and toyed with her clit for a moment, then pulled her panties aside and slowly slid it into her pussy. It was easy – she was quite damp. I pumped it in and out a few times, making sure she was in the thrall of its vibrating pressure on her G spot, at which point I left it there and secured it in place with her panties, squeezing her thighs shut around it. Again I resumed the flogging, going up and down her torso and legs.

However, nothing is more appealing to me than flogging the hell out of her back and ass, leaving red stripes and blotches in my wake, so I had her flip over, then pulled her shirt up to her shoulders and her panties down under her ass. There’s something about playing/fucking with clothes on that excites me – like the urgency of the need is so great that one cannot be bothered with something as minute as clothing removal.

Then came the real fun. She’s much less sensitive on her back and ass, so I got to hit her harder. More frequently. I got to witness her ass turning bright apple red, and the telltale stripes and blotches reveal themselves on her back and thighs. My hits became rhythmic, interspersed with agonizingly slow drags of the tails across her ass and back. Naturally, the rhythm of my hits reminded me of music, and conveniently enough I had my laptop – complete with iTunes – right there underneath the toybox. So I started playing some music. Started hitting her to the beats of the music. Every now and then I’d fuck her with the vibrator to the beat of the music. Yes, I think I really do like sex and playing with music!

After some time of this – and me deriving what was probably way too much glee out of Musical Flogging – she begged me to pay her clit some attention, so being the loving Domina that I am to her *wink wink* I withdrew the vibrator from her dripping pussy and began to play it over her clit. She started to get very worked up and I gently reminded her that if she need to ask me something, to please feel free to ask. Finally she begged me to come, and of course my first teasing instinct is to draw away, but apparently she was already on that heady, rushing brink, and my pulling away made her lose her orgasm. I couldn’t tell you whose fault it was – hers, for waiting too long? Or mine, for not knowing that a sub begs when she’s on the brink? Maybe both, or neither? Eh, in either case, frustrated though she was, she fell into a peaceful doze as I went about cleanup.

I left her tied to the futon for some time, finally letting her go around the time I wanted to go to bed. I discovered that the longer end of the satin that I used to tie her to the armrest made a very nice makeshift leash. I also experimented with bending her arms behind her head, then looping the long end loosely around her neck and tucking it into the opposite wrists’s binding, which I liked. Then, finally – sated – we went to bed. She slept the deep slumber of a sub who got exactly what she wanted – well, minus the orgasm of course. But hey, it’s healthy for a sub not to get the expected orgasm every time, eh? *wink*


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