It’s been quite the laid back Sunday, so I took some time to browse through my list of favorite kinky blogs – catching up, really. Doing that usually leads me elsewhere, as I tend to open up interesting links in new tabs to browse through when I’m done reading what I originally opened, and eventually I was led from CatalinaLoves’ blog to Naughty Secretary’s blog back to Catalina’s profile on FetLife – with a few detours into Thursday’s blog and ScarletLotus’ blog – and it really got me thinking how much I envy people who can devote their entire lives to something they love. And not just the kinky people who get paid to be kinky – no, also the people who get to spend their days playing with dogs or crafting bellydance gear or reviewing books and movies and gadgets.

How do those people get so lucky? How do those people escape the drudgery of a job separate from what they love? How do those people make their passions into their work, instead of an extracurricular activity, a hobby, a diversion? I discover these people and I wish, deeply wish I had found the open doors they did.

I’ve always got my eyes peeled for opportunities. With any luck, and more than a little determination, maybe one day I will become one of the lucky group whose days are devoted to what they love – one of the lucky few who love to do what they have to do.


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