A new toy!

My GF and I came home from getting her hair cut this afternoon and a much-expected package was waiting for us at the door! I got right inside and tore it open; inside was my beautiful black suede 72-tail flogger, exactly as described.

I started playing with it over my GF’s clothes, which she was liking, so I had her strip down and lay face down on the bed, and started taking test whacks. I started out light then went a little harder, alternating between her ass cheeks and back. The thuddiness was gorgeous. It’s a nice heavy flogger but without a lot of the severe ouch factor. I had my GF report back to me how different strikes felt, how the thuddiness felt, what the ouch factor was. Everything was well within the realm of enjoyment for her, and DEFINITELY for me. In fact, I could easily have gone harder and longer and still been fine. This is an EXCELLENT flogger for novices! I adore it.

Next up: a better vibrator PLEASE!


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